Capsular Shift General Rehabilitation

Immobilization: Sling for comfort while out and about. May begin activities of daily living below shoulder in 5 – 7 days.

Passive and Active ROM: First three weeks – forward flexion and abduction to 45 degrees, external rotation to 0 degrees.

Week 3 – 6: Forward flexion and abduction to 90 degrees, external rotation to 30 degrees.

Active ROM: No limits at 6 weeks.

Full ROM: Strive to achieve by 3 months (60 ER, 160 FF)

Isometrics: May begin immediately as tolerated.

Theraband: May begin at 4 weeks, within restricted ROM.

Weight Press: May gently begin slow progression at 8 weeks, if motion okay.

Unrestricted Weight Lifting: 12 weeks.

Golf: 4 months.

Tennis: 4 – 6 months.

Throw: Gentle motion at about 6 months, earlier if ready.

Pitching: Begin at 8 – 12 months, earlier if ready.